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Project: a social news program

Now that you've discovered the basics of programming, let's go ahead and build a real project.


The goal of this project is to build a basic social news program. Its users will be able to show a list of links and add new ones.

Functional requirements

  • A link is defined by its title, its URL and its author (submitter).
  • If a new link URL does not start with "http://" or "https://", "http://" is automatically added to its beginning.
  • At launch, the program displays a start menu with the possible actions in an alert window and asks the user for his choice. Possible actions are:
  • Show the list of links.
  • Add a new link.
  • Remove an existing link.
  • Quit the program.
  • Showing the list of links displays the index (rank) and the properties of each link in an alert window, or a message in the absence of any link.
  • When adding a link, the program asks the user for the new link properties (title, URL and author). The link is then created. Subsequently, it must appear in the shown links.
  • When removing a link, the user is asked for the link index until it is correct. The associated link is then removed. Subsequently, it must disappear from the shown links. Removing a link is not possible if there are no existing links.
  • After an action is performed, the start menu is shown again. This goes on until the user chooses to quit the program.

Technical requirements

  • All your code should be correctly indented.
  • Names should be wisely chosen and adhere to the camelCase convention.
  • Code duplication should be avoided.

Expected result

Here are a few screenshots of the expected result.

Start menu

Showing a link

Selecting a link index